How Much is a Dog Bite Case Typically Worth?

If you’re considering filing a dog bite case, you may be wondering how much a dog bite case is typically worth. The answer varies, depending on the individual case, with the largest determining factor being the extent and seriousness of the injuries incurred during the attack.

Dog bite injury settlements combine monetary compensations for current and future medical bills relating to the injury, pain and suffering, and time lost from work. Each of these factors can vary from person to person. In addition, the settlement may be reduced to an amount agreed upon by both parties, resulting in an amount that differs from the original claim amount.

Most cases will allow for a greater compensation amount for pain and suffering if the victim is a child, since the attack can have far-reaching effects that stay with the child for the rest of her life.

What Typical Dog Bite Cases Are Worth

Some states have laws that allow a victim to collect punitive damages from a dog owner when the dog has a history of biting. These punitive damages are intended to punish the dog owner and/or prompt him to prevent the dog from biting again, get training for the dog to decrease aggressive behavior, alter the dog’s environment so he has no contact with the public, or have the dog put to sleep if other interventions do not work.

If a dog bite occurs when a dog is in the back of a truck, or in a vehicle with the windows down, the dog owner’s automobile insurance may be required to pay out on the dog bite claim. The amount covered depends on the value of the individual policy.

Most homeowner’s liability insurance will cover dog bit accidents. The amount of coverage on these types of policies can be as high as $100,000 or $300,000. An experienced dog bite lawyer can help you present you case with sufficient proof of negligence on the part of the dog owner, and supporting evidence to back-up your settlement request. It can be tempting to settle for the first offer presented during the case, but only an experienced lawyer can weigh the evidence and help you decide if it’s worth the risk to try for a higher amount.

It’s difficult to place a price on the future impact a dog bite injury will have on your life. Future medical bills, pain, and suffering can seem impossible to place a price tag on. Dog bite lawyers have proven systems that help you determine what your individual dog bite accident case is worth so that you get the full justice you deserve following your dog bite attack.

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