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Happy Mouth Wire Mouth Bits Recalled, Horseback Riders Could Fall

Horseback riders should be alert about recall announcements too.

According to a series of news articles recently published across the nation, several units of riding supplies have been recalled over injury hazards.

In light of recent reports of injuries, the company English Riding Supply Inc., of Scranton, Pa. has stated that 3,400 units of Happy Mouth Wire Mouth Bits are being recalled. These items should be refrained from being used with bridle in horseback riding because the mouthpiece that is linked to the bit on the horse’s cheeks could become frayed eventually, which could lead to a fracture in the piece. In case the mouthpiece breaks while in use, the rider could potentially lose control of the horse and eventually fall from the animal’s back.

The company has received four reports of falls including several injuries to riders’ backs. Broken bones and bruises have also been reported.

The recalled models listed by the company are 462177SS, 462172SS, 462181SS, 466904SS, 462184SS, 464123SS, 466898SS and 467248SS. The steel braided wire these mouthpieces are equipped with come with labels that read “Happy Mouth”. Recalled units were sold between July 2003 and April of 2012.

If you own one of these pieces or know someone who does, have the recalled unit returned to the place of purchase right away.

A full refund will be provided to affected consumers right away.

Hopefully, this recall campaign is carried out successfully to avoid potential injuries in the near future. Whenever you learn about a recall announcement that is issued for a product you own, act fast to ensure your own safety and the safety of those who could be in danger.

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