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Tour Bus Crash Near Yosemite Reported, Over 15 People Injured

News sources in California have reported that an accident involving a tour bus may have occurred due to the unsafe speeds the vehicle was traveling at prior to the crash. Authorities reported that the accident that resulted in injuries to 16 occupants happened after the bus driver lost control of the vehicle while negotiating a curve on California 41. The vehicle ended up angling up a dirt embankment while the driver attempted to regain control of the wheel. The bus […]

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School Bus Rear-Ended, Students Injured

According to a recent article, a school bus was involved in an accident that involved multiple vehicles. The crash happened Tuesday when the bus was traveling on on East 14th Street when a Toyota Camry rear-ended the vehicle at the light in the intersection with the 165th Avenue. Two students suffered minor injuries and were sent to the hospital. The crash ended up resulting in other minor collisions. One of the drivers was also sent to the hospital. The accident […]

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Driver Crashes School Bus Because He Was Distracted

Multiple news agencies across the country have reported that while distracted by texting on his phone, a school bus driver crashed into a car. Reports also show kids were on board of the bus. According to the news, the bus driver has since been fired for the accident. The director of bus safety praised the company on the decision and urged other motorists to never pick up their phones behind the wheel. Distractions cause most auto and bus accidents today […]

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School Bus Accident Reported, Nobody Was Hurt

A school bus was rear-ended last Monday at about 8:26 a.m. and according to the accident report, no injuries were reported. The accident occurred when the bus was traveling on the westbound lanes of the Ranchero Road. According to the California Highway Patrol, a sedan hit the bus as soon as it stopped at Maple Avenue. The causes behind the collision were not immediately reported. At this moment, the California Highway Patrol is investigating this collision. For more details on […]

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Bus Hits a Tree, Driver in Custody

According to multiple news agencies in California, a bus driver was involved in a crash that happened last Tuesday morning. The official announcement that has been recently released by the California Highway Patrol has demonstrated that the motorist was traveling on the northbound lanes of the Highway 70 at about 7:45 a.m. when his vehicle veered off to the side of the road and crashed against a tree at Highway 65. According to the troopers who responded to the scene, the motorist […]

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Accident Involving B-Line Bus Results in Injuries

According to several local news outlets, a woman from Paradise was injured as a result of an accident that happened last Friday near Media Way. The several reports issued by the California Highway Patrol and other agencies have revealed that the woman was driving her Chevrolet pickup truck on the eastbound lanes of Skyway when she failed to slow down and crashed into the back of a B-Line bus. According to the news, the traffic on the eastbound lanes was […]

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Woman From Novato Hurt In Collision With Bus

Several news agencies have revealed that a 49-year-old woman from Novato sustained minor injuries as a result of an accident that happened last Monday in San Rafael. The California Highway Patrol has revealed that the accident took place on Highway 101 around 11:40 a.m. just south of Manuel T. Freitas Parkway. According to the authorities, the 2004 Ford Focus the woman was driving passed a bus that was entering the highway at 50 miles per hour. Undisclosed causes led the bus to […]

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Bus Driver Falls Asleep, Hits Power Pole

According to local news sources, a bus motorist fell asleep behind the wheel last Monday, causing a series of minor accidents in the South Los Angeles community of Willowbrook. The official report released by a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol shows that the 40-year-old driver was drowsy driving when the vehicle, which wasn’t carrying any passengers at the time, hit several trees, two traffic signs, a bus stop and a light pole. The Southern California Edison company attended to the […]

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2011 And 2012 TEMSA Global Buses Recalled Over Warning Light Issue

According to the recent news, TEMSA Global has issued a recall on their 2011 and 2012 TS35 Bus Models. The official statement released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that buses of this year model have been found to have ABS malfunctioning indicators that do not illuminate properly when the ABS brakes are either turned to the “run” or “on” position. According to the federal agency, this malfunction prevents drivers from receiving proper warnings from the system regarding the […]

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School Bus Radiator Hose Burst, Burns Students

News sources say that, in Lake Arrowhead, CA today, there has been a report of many students being burned by hot fluid that sprayed from a popped radiator hose on a school bus. The hose was reported to have burst and sprayed students with harmful carbon-based compounds. According to reports from the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the incident occurred while the bus was driving along California Highway 18 outside of Old Santa’s Village at about 8:45am. Nine students suffered minor […]

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